Get a stretch tent for your event

Stretch / Bedouin Style Tents for trade shows, concerts, promotions and more...

Have an event or show coming up? Stretch Tents make a great impression.

If you have a trade show, concert or promotional event and need to some cover then a stretch tent is the best way to make an impression. 

  • Trade Shows
  • Concerts 
  • Parties
  • Promotions 
  • And much more…

Get the wow factor with a totally unique shape

What makes stretch tents so unique is that they can be stretched into a huge variety of shapes. Depending on the amount of poles and the area to be covered you can truly let your imagination come out. So don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. 

Common tent stretch tent sizes for events

25 sqm (5m x 5m)
Ideal for shade and pre-drinks. 

45 sqm (6m x 7.5m)
Idea for bar tent / band stand. 

90sqm (12m x 7.5m)
45 people seated at tables or 70 people seated in rows (cinema seating) 

150sqm (15m x 10m)
75 people seated at tables or 110 people seated in rows (cinema seating) 

255sqm (15m x 17m)
125 people seated at tables or 200 people seated in rows (cinema seating) 

300sqm (15m x 20m)
150 people seated at tables or 225 people seated in rows (cinema seating) 

Please note, this are just a few of the common sizes. There are many more sizes and colour combinations available to meet the needs of your event. 

Everything taken care of: Transport, Rigging and Insurance

All the hiring companies on the Function Quotes database follow the best practices and have all the necessary insurance in place should something go wrong. 

Transport and full rigging to any area within 300 km of Johannesburg. 

The tents are set up before your event starts so that you can have a look and approve or many any necessary adjustments. 

You do not need to worry about theft, the safety of the tent is the full responsibility of the hiring company who provides the tent. 

Save costs and get a service provider closest to your venue

At, we will put you in touch with the right hiring company for your area. We have a database of hiring companies that service all areas in South Africa. 

Common areas that are serviced include:

  • Johannesburg, Pretoria
  • Durban to PMB
  • Zululand
  • Midlands
  • Cape Town / Western Cape 

For more remote venues we will put you in touch with the right area experts. All you need to do is fill in the form on this page and we will make sure you get a quote from the right people.  

Accessories, lighting, tables, chairs and deco

Choosing your tent is just the start. Now the fun begins to make your tent come to life. You need to fill your tent with tables, chairs and other decor to fit into the theme of your special occasion.  

Here is a short list of items you should be thinking of: 

  • Tables (Round or Trestle?)
  • Table settings, knives, forks, plates (What kind of drinking glasses, do you want plate liners?)
  • Flooring (If you want a dance floor or just to keep your feet off the grass)
  • Lighting (Is your function at night?)

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